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SecureAuth Cloud Access

SecureAuth Cloud Access, an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering, enables you to securely manage SaaS adoption while having the agility to adapt to your organization’s dynamic demands. Get the convenience of secure single sign-on (SSO) to over 8,000 applications. Re-establish an identity-based security perimeter using convenient multi-factor authentication coupled with adaptive, risk-based methods to better identify and block cyber-attacks. Cloud Access makes administration simple and pain-free with:

  • Automate provisioning/deprovisioning with integration to existing directories
  • Visibility into application use, password strength, and compliance via a centralized console
  • Delegated administration to distribute workload

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Cloud Access SSO Single Sign On Authentication Solution

Key Features


Adaptive Authentication


Adaptive Authentication acts like layers in a bulletproof vest - analyzing multiple factors to confidently determine the legitimacy of every login, thwart attacks in-process, and keep your valuable resources and data safe. All of these risk checks provide a compounded protective barrier that is undetectable to the end-user in most cases. Security is only stepped up to multi-factor authentication when risks are determined. This revolutionary approach to authentication provides the best of both worlds: improved security via risk checks with minimal disruption to users.

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    Device Recognition

    Ensures the device being used is known and recognizable.

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    Threat Service

    Analyzes IP addresses of incoming access requests for known bad IPs and malicious behavior.

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    Change authentication policy for users that leave a geographical barrier.

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    Compares a user's login location against known locations for employees, partners and customers.

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    Keeps an eye out for access requests spanning different locations that aren't physically possible.

Cloud Access SSO Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication


User experience is important to adoption and use, which is why Cloud Access offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) that is convenient for all types of access and devices. Supporting push-to-accept and one-time passcodes via secure mobile apps, as well as timed one-time passcodes, which can be sent via SMS/text, email, and telephony, we make MFA less intrusive for users. Cloud Access MFA coupled with Adaptive Authentication ensures a strong protective barrier around organizational resources without impacting the daily routines of users.

Single Sign-On (SSO)


Cloud Access enables users to sign into every application they use with their standard corporate credentials. Users no longer need to remember multiple sets of credentials, which often lead to poor security practices (e.g. using the same password over and over, writing credentials down in unsecure places, etc.). Once logged into the system, users don't have to re-enter passwords to access additional applications. Cloud Access supports over 8,000 applications, plus allows users to add personal applications and websites to be managed as well (e.g. Facebook, Home Depot, home banking, etc.). Providing a convenient, centralized and secure SSO experience for all user applications ensures greater adoption and on-going use of the service.

Cloud Access Single Sign On Verification
Single Sign On SSO Authentication Administration

Point-Click-Done Administration


Most SaaS applications are not directory integrated and require IT to add/modify/delete accounts manually per user per app. This quickly becomes an administrative nightmare. For example, if each employee in a 2,000 person organization averages 10 apps to which they require access, the IT group has 20,000 accounts to manage. Cloud Access automates, controls and monitors access to applications based on directory group membership. It also supports delegating SaaS administration responsibilities to others in the organization. Visibility into application use, password strength, and compliance via a centralized console makes administration simple and pain-free. And because Cloud Access is a cloud-based service, it can be deployed and set-up in minutes.

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Benefits of SecureAuth Cloud Access

 Explore the business benefits of enterprise-grade security for all levels of your organization. 

Accelerate Deployment

Cloud-based deployment sets-up in minutes with intuitive UIs and delegated administration for dividing the workload 

Implement Convenient Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication methods that are convenient for users, and protect access

Leverage a Library of Connectivity

Convenient SSO across a huge library of 8,000+ applications, with more added daily

Automate and Simplify Administration

Directory integration, intuitive interface, and centralized control point for all applications

Strengthen Security

Pre-authentication risk analysis leverages multiple, interwoven layers to increase security without negatively impacting user experience

Embrace SaaS Agility

Allows IT to embrace new application adoption with strong security and minimal administrative effort



$2 per user/month*

  • Single Sign-On to unlimited applications (Federated & forms-based)
  • AD, LDAP & Cloud Directory Integration
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Reporting & Insights
  • Group Management
  • End-User Password Management


$5 per user/month*

Essentials Package Plus:
  • Adaptive Authentication
  • SecureAuth Threat Service
  • Multiple Directory Sync
  • Auto-provisioning
  • One Sandbox


$7 per user/month*

Essentials Package Plus:
  • Enhanced SecureAuth Threat Service
  • Role-based Provisioning
  • REST API Support
  • Multiple Sandboxes

With all packages, customers get access to:

World Class Support

24x7 support with access to documentation, knowledgebase, service alerts and more.

Unlimited Applications

Integrations with hundreds of applications - and more added all the time.

SecureAuth University

Get the most out of your investment with classroom and on-demand training.


* Pricing is USD. Contact sales for pricing outside of the US.

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