Whether on-premises, in the Cloud or both, SecureAuth provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions using multi-layered Adaptive Authentication with a frictionless user experience.

63% of all confirmed breaches involve stolen yet valid credentials*

$80 billion

is spent on network and endpoint security every year but they can't stop these attacks.

Identity Security is a Necessity

Endpoint and Network Security without identity security is like building a safe then leaving the door open

2-Factor Authentication Isn't Enough

Many popular 2FA methods can be bypassed by attackers.

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SecureAuth Adaptive Access Control offers
unmatched security, ease-of-use and flexibility


3,000x More Secure Than 2-Factor Authentication

By layering risk checks, SecureAuth Adaptive Access Control stops the misuse of valid credentials. Guaranteed. Even without passwords.

No More Balancing Security and Usability

By keeping the risk checks in the background, the user isn’t hindered by cumbersome 2-factor everytime they log in, allowing for a truly frictionless experience without sacrificing security.

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Flexibility for Maximum Efficiency

Flexibility is dynamically adjusting security based on threats.  Flexibility is infinite number of authentication workflows to adjust to different users.  Flexibility is easily integrating with existing infrastructure and security investments.  Flexibility is implementing in hours and days, not weeks and months.


Find Out Why Our Customers Love Us

"The end users love the new system. When they’re on premise, they don’t even have to be prompted for their credentials, however if they take that same device off network, they’re automatically prompted for credentials. It’s really a nice solution and a lot of time people don’t even realize they are using it”

Matt Johnson - Manager, Server Engineering

Houston Methodist Hospital